Smart Helmet Battery

With the advent of time, people also have a new demand for helmets, smart helmets were proposed and began to use. Hi-Chipcom Electronics, a battery manufacturer from China, has been working in this field since the invention of the smart helmet. With our unremitting efforts, our smart helmet battery is praised and supported by users, and have not caused any safety accidents for a long time, which is one of the important reasons why customers choose us.

Depending on the customer's choice, our smart helmet battery can have a higher battery density per watt-hour than their counterparts, accommodating a larger capacity in a smaller volume. Or we can improve the PCB and battery structure under the well design, so that the smart helmet battery in high temperature and shock environment will not explode and burn, which ensure the personal safety of customers. If you have higher specifications, the battery can also withstand extreme environments such as low temperature or high temperature and humidity. In any case, if your smart helmet project needs more customization or professional advice, our R & D engineering team can give you satisfactory answers to customize the right solution and provide extremely high-cost ratio for you to choose.

We have always believed that everything should be smart in the future. Our smart helmet battery is of high standard, high quality and ensures value to the user in complex environments. We have to consider the use of battery environment and range requirements at the beginning of the design, a well thought out battery design can provide continuous and reliable energy when the helmet is working. In unexpected situations, you can rely on your helmet, and your helmet can rely on the battery.
You can purchase existing Smart Helmet Battery models from us. We also provide customized service--because of the large number of models, the list of models on this website is not complete. If you have other needs, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with other existing models or solutions. And welcome to visit our company and factory also, please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.