POS Machine Battery

Hi-Chipcom Electronics from Shenzhen is a professional battery manufacturer and solution provider from China. We have been in the battery industry for more than 15 years and focus on battery manufacturing and research to provide cost-effective battery solutions to our customers. POS machine battery is one of the well representatives. We have a lot of experience in this business and have special equipment to produce this type of battery. Our POS batteries are exported to South America and Africa, and they effectively reduce customers' costs while the robust quality saves a lot of time for our customers.

Currently, POS machine battery are mainly composed of 18650 cells, which are connected in series or parallel to form a battery pack. Compared to newer type of batteries, the 18650 battery, as a representative of traditional batteries, has a very mature production process and a high degree of customization and standardization, which provides customers with a variety of options. The high degree of standardization also means improved safety and lower costs (especially when shipping large quantities of products), and it can be easily replaced at any time, bringing unparalleled convenience compared to other batteries.

We also offer customized POS batteries such as polymer POS batteries for customers to choose from when they need them. Polymer batteries have more capacity and lighter weight compared to 18650 batteries, so the power will last longer. This type of POS machine battery is suitable for customers who require higher capacity and have requirements for the shape of the battery. Of course, all batteries are tested and approved by us and they all have good charge/discharge and service life. So, you don't have to worry too much about charging and discharging, their good maintainability also solves the problem of irreplaceable and costly of batteries.
You can purchase existing POS Machine Battery models from us. We also provide customized service--because of the large number of models, the list of models on this website is not complete. If you have other needs, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with other existing models or solutions. And welcome to visit our company and factory also, please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.